Cynf is the global community of Cyber and Information Security Professionals

Cynf is the Cyber & Information Security Foundation. A global non-profit, collaborative community to support the people, process and technology of cyber security. We welcome membership from cyber and information security professionals and those looking to work with the same group. Vendors, recruiters and those in need of professional assistance are all welcome to contribute to the ecosystem.

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Our Features

The Cynf ecosystem is rapidly expanding. At launch, we have a broad range of groups, forums, opportunities to collaborate, setup training and contribute to a growing body of knowledge. New functionality and content is being added daily.

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Get help from Industry Professionals

Get help from the world's largest range of cyber and information security leaders

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Book a consultation with a specialist

Book an industry professional for an hour or a month and competitive rates from a global talent pool.

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Learn from your peers

Create your own courses, run a session or ask questions.

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Buy and sell

Have an old Firewall, server, switch or other equipment you'd like to sell?

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Get a new job

Looking for the perfect job in cyber security. Look no further.

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Find staff

If you are a company looking for the right staff, you can now search from a global or localised talent pool

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Locate Cyber Security events in your area

Keen to collaborate, meet or just have fun with other cyber professionals - here's the place to advertise your event or join in the fun.

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Visit the Library

Contribute to the Cyber Body of Knowledge and earn status credits which can be used as a currency within the Cynf ecosystem.

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Cyber Security Projects

Contribute to projects and get noticed.

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Start your own group

Running a cyber meet-up or social circle. Cynf professionals can run their own groups.

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Contribute to the Cyber Body of Knowledge

Build your templates, learn from the growing body of knowledge and get paid to contribute to the Cynf ecosystem.

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Advertise or sponsor a community

Advertise your cyber product, service, business or agency to the right audience.

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Our Blogs

Cynf includes blogs and articles contributed by some of the best minds in global cyber security.

Discuss Your Cyber Security Needs

Whether you are looking for advice on the 'right GRC platform for you' or need a ransomware negotiator in a hurry, you'll find a cyber security professional with the right experience on-tap at Cynf.

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